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I'm thinking of leaving NY and buying a condo in Florida...Is that a good idea? What's the difference between a condo and an HOA? What exactly do I own? Who's responsible for maintenance? What do I do if repairs aren't made? What should I know before I buy? 

Condo Law: Broken Regime is a blog I created out of my passion to educate housing consumers on the laws that govern condominiums. I'm a licensed NY attorney who bought a condo in Florida when my mother, who'd moved to Florida decades ago, was going through a health crisis. The purchase of a condominium--especially in the State of Florida--is life altering. If I can prevent one person from experiencing the harm I suffered, I will consider this blog a success.

In addition to being a NY lawyer, I'm also a licensed Community Association Manager in the State of Florida. I've spent years immersing myself in this complex legal regime and want to share what I've learned. Most people have no idea how condominiums are actually run. The so-called "volunteer board" is a quaint idea (think George Costanza's parents, living at the tongue-twisting retirement community called "Del Boca Vista"). But condominiums are rarely quaint. They're often run by a board made up of realtors and owner/investors, or by a property management company protected from liability by a statutory regime that still hold the association responsible. In my experience condominium law is a broken regime--corrupt and in serious need of repair. You cannot buy a condo without reading my blog!

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